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Product Description:


Product name:Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Cream

Capacity: 0.5OZ./15ml

Shelf life:3 years

Main effect:

√Smooth skin

√Shrink pores

√Oil control


Main Ingredient:


Are you suffering from facial skin problems?

– rough pores

– oily skin

– blackhead and ance

Specialized formular, repair skin

1. Inhibit extra oil and acne

2. Shirink pores

3. Smooth skin

Main Ingredient:

[Salicylic Acid]

Aalicylic acid can unblock pores and control oil while itcan remove aging cuticle and improve acne, because with fat solubility,it can better act on follicles than hydroxy acid which is water soluble.


It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and also controls the secretion of the sebaceous cortex, reduces pore size, repairs the stratum corneum, lightens acne marks, strengthens the skin's own defences and improves skin resistance.

[Xanthan Gum]

Stable and safe ingredients, can moisturize the skin and promote the absorption of skin moisture

Before – rough pores, blackhead and pimple

After 1 week – pimple reduced

After 2 weeks – pores shrunken

After 4 weeks – skin becomes tender and smooth


1. Clean your skin before applying

2. Take a small amount of Salicylic AcidAcne Treatment Cream on your finger

3. Apply the cream on the acne spot

4. Apply to whole face skin and T-zone can be applied heavily.

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