The strong points :

  • Large capacity: 33 liters – Tray diameter: 36 cm
  • Power: MO 900 W / Grill 1200 W / Oven 1700 W
  • Crisp Fry and Dual Crisp technology – 40 automatic recipes
  • Supplied with: steamer (2 levels) and Crisp dish + handle and high and low grill


Defrost, reheat and cook delicious meals.

Make tasty gratins, prepare healthy cuisine or tasty non-greasy fries quickly.


Indeed, in addition to the heating function, this Whirlpool MWP3391SX combined microwave  has pulsed heat offering a cooking cycle comparable to a traditional oven with added speed . Thanks to its 1200 W power grill , make gratins in no time. In addition, by combining the grill + MO and using its Crisp plate, you very quickly obtain golden and crispy food.


Cook tasty and healthy recipes, thanks to its Dual Steam function and its steamer, your food keeps all its natural nutrients and flavors. Even your fries will be healthy… Thanks to the  “Crips Fry” function, you have the possibility of cooking tasty fries without adding fat . In addition,  its CRISP plate delivered with its handle  is made of a special material allowing it to heat up to 210°C very quickly.


Cook like a chef! Prepare homemade yogurts, make dough perfectly, get evenly melted butter or chocolate.  Its Menu Chef program is the ideal chef: it offers 40 automatic recipes to obtain perfect results with ease.



Combined microwave

Convenient, with a microwave defrost, reheat, grill and even steam cook like in a real oven with added speed.


Forced air

Pulsed  heat makes it possible to achieve cooking qualities as good as with a traditional oven, so that the food remains tender and juicy inside.



Steam function + steamer

The function combined with this accessory  ensures authentic, tasty and healthy cooking. In addition, combined with the microwave, make healthy recipes very quickly.


Dual Crisp

“Dual Crisp, for crispy food on the outside and soft on the inside! The Crisp function  offers oven-like cooking in 3 times less time and provides results that combine crispy and soft.  Ideal for your aperitifs , your starters or your desserts. For example, you can make a pizza in 14 minutes, a roast beef in 12 minutes or even a chocolate cake in 6 minutes.

With the Crisp-Fry function , you can also  make delicious and dietetic frying, without adding fat. Ideal for a light fish & chips!”


Bread Defrost

Combined with Crisp technology, Bread defrost  restores the crispiness and softness of frozen bread, just like when it comes out of the oven. Ideal for your breakfasts!


“Menu manager” function

Select the type of dish you are cooking and this microwave determines the cooking mode and takes care of everything! No need to know which cooking mode to use because the microwave determines it for you (depending on the type of food). No more possible programming errors.


Jet start function

Starts the microwave for 30 seconds at full power, ideal for everyday reheating.


Disengageable function

“Thanks to its disengageable function, which stops the rotation of the tray,  the appliance can collect very large dishes and square or rectangular dishes. This guarantees maximum flexibility.”


Crisp plate + handle

It is supplied with its Crisp plate which gives your dishes crunch quickly.



Just place a dish filled with water inside and the natural power of steam will remove all food residue in just a few minutes. A sponge stroke is then enough to find a clean and tidy surface.


Don’t have a clock in your kitchen? this  Whirlpool  MWP339SX combination microwave  has one.

Delivered with 1 stainless steel grill, 1 steamer, 1 Crisp plate and its handle



Type of laying
  • Freestanding
Cooking appliance functions
  • grill
  • 900W
Type of oven cleaning
  • Manual
Cooking mode
  • Crispy cooking
  • Steam cooking
  • Defrosting
Total volume
  • 33 liters
  • Nope
  • 27.45kg
  • 49cm
  • 37.3cm
Product depth
  • 54cm
Cavity finish
  • Stainless steel
Number of programs
  • 2
Grill power
  • 1200W
Energy used
  • Electric
Oven opening type
  • Drop-leaf
Tray accepted diameter
  • 36cm
Supplied accessories
  • Stainless steel grid, Crisp plate and handle, steamer.


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