Nasal Wash Cleaner Spray Nasal Irrigator Neti Pot Rinse Nose Cleaner Avoid Sinusitis Rhinitis Treatment Health Care 300/500ML


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70ml/300ml/500ml nasal spray bottle
Dry nose, nasal itching, moist nasal cavity, nasal congestion and sneezing, daily cleaning, help relieve rhinitis
Humanized design:
1. Fine mist: quantitative micro spray, evenly covering and cleaning small corners of the nasal cavity.
2. Small and portable: It can be carried with you to solve nose discomfort anytime and anywhere.
3. Gentle nose care: quickly relieve nose discomfort
4. Widening design: prevent too deep into the nostril
5. Smooth and burr-free: protect the fragile nasal cavity
6. Detachable and washable nozzle: easy to clean and keep clean
7. Protective cover design: protect the nozzle and reduce pollution.
It is strictly forbidden to use pure water or edible salt instead of special nasal washing salt to wash the nose.
Strictly follow the concentration of nasal cleansing salt in the product manual to avoid discomfort.
Children under 12 should be used under the guidance of physicians and parents.
Do not speak while washing to avoid coughing.
If there is a severe blockage of one nostril and patients with otitis media, it is forbidden to use it.
The flushing head is a special product for personal hygiene and should not be cross-used with others.
Pour the prepared 0.9% salt water into the bottle and press the spray head to spray the mist of salt water.
When the nasal cavity is uncomfortable, you can spray three to five times into the nasal cavity along the nose to relieve the discomfort.



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