Relief and refresh your life with our online sessions.

You speak and we listen. Make your voice heard.
You ask and we answer. Get answers to your questions.
You tell us about your concerns and problems and we help you have a strong state of mind, a peaceful life, and a relaxing environment.
Your life, your work, your social concerns, your kids, your husband, your wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your body concerns: all your problems will be gone and will fade away in a short time with our Relief and Refresh Online Sessions.
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Your Identity is private, and your data is not stored anywhere.
Use your mic and/or webcam with secured session services.
We meet on Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, or Google Meet: your preference.
A short session ( 15 minutes ) for $7 is a discounted service if you would like to test it.
One session is $20.
Two successive sessions are $35.
Multiple sessions a month are $15 each.
All sessions are in English or Arabic. We do not support other languages at the moment. 
Important Note:
You will receive an email containing the session suggested time slot. You can change the time slot to your convenience sending email to
Started sessions are partially refundable, and calculated on basis of the time spent with the instructor/healer.
Cancellation has to be 24 hours before session start time you receive by email.

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